The Company


LIQUIDPLAST Single Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC) is a construction company specialising in insulation, waterproofing and thermal insulation.

With its know-how, experienced and skilled staff along with a series of successfully executed projects, both in the construction and maritime sectors, it has satisfied even the most demanding customers.

From the very beginning to present, it has been systematically investing in the know-how and equipment in the field of insulation and always pioneers in following and applying anything innovative and remarkable about insulating materials.

Already since 1995, it has been one of the first in Greece equipped with the required machinery and appling the polyurethane sprayer for the thermal insulation of terraces, a foremost and widely used thermal insulation material nowadays.

A leading presence has also been achieved in the waterproofing of surfaces (terraces, basements, swimming pools, tanks).

Since 2008, it has been involved in the application of polyurea spraying, the most modern method of waterproofing and surface coating, with a wide range of applications, widely spread abroad, mainly in America and Asia.

Today, polyurea is constantly gaining ground against other sealants and is becoming known in Greece too.

LIQUIDPLAST SMLLC is a leader in its field, since it has already had the know-how, experience and full and modern equipment for its application.