The final sealing membrane results from the mixing of 2 chemical elements (isocyanate and amines), which are initially heated to a temperature of +70 to +80 degrees Celsius, mixed and sprayed at a high pressure, of up to 200 bar, at the relevant surface.

The above procedure is performed with the use of special machinery and equipment.

Liquidplast Ltd has a powerful hydraulic mixing and spraying system with heated tires up to 120m long. This equipment is installed in a specially designed closed vehicle space and, together with the necessary materials and separate equipment they constitute a complete, independent mobile unit for the LP Hotspray system.

With the mobile application unit of Liquidplast Ltd, it is possible to apply sealing to any place at any distance, at any time, easily and quickly.
With the LP Hotspray there is also the possibility to cover a surface up to 500m2 in one (1) day only.


The LP Hotspray system can be used without any limits and applied to any surface, even for the most difficult and demanding cases.


    •  Sealing of damp areas
    •  Deck protection from rust
    •  Slip-resistant flooring
    •  Waterproofing – Protection of ship’s underwater parts


    •  Room terrace) waterproofing
    •  Basement waterproofing
    •  Parking space-Garage floor coating
    •  Baths-Showers
    •  POOLS


    •  Water tank waterproofing
    •  Sewage – Fuels – Chemicals
    •  Wastewater treatment basins
    •  Pipe & Industrial Equipment coating


    •  Bridge deck covering
    •  Railway
    •  Dam
    •  Tunnel
    •  Airport runways
    •  Loading/unloading terminals for heavy goods


Floor covering in:

    •  Chemical Laboratories
    •  Hygiene chambers
    •  Industrial premises
    •  Parking buildings
    •  Warehouses
    •  Loading and unloading stations
    •  Stadiums


    •  Fassades
    •  Water theme parks – Aquariums