LP HotSpray

LP HotSpray


With the LP HotSpray system (2-component liquid spraying membrane) applied to all surfaces such as concrete, wood, plaster, metal, geotextile, etc.

The LP HotSpray system is the most modern method of sealing and waterproofing, as well as coating surfaces such as floors and parking spaces, tanks, ship decks, etc., due to its rapid application (through spraying) and its lasting value (> 30 years without maintenance).

This method is the most innovative ever in the field of construction, with a rapid development in its use, since its properties are almost “magical” and its applications multiple.



The properties of the LP HotSpray system are :

    • Environmentally-friendly product
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
    • Waterproof and durable
    • Saves application time & labor costs
    • Develops excellent adhesion on all surfaces
    • Does not contain VOC & Solvents (100% solid)
    • The performance of the material is not affected by humidity and temperature
    • Applies to the desired thickness with one pass
    • High heat resistance and good elasticity at low temperatures
    • Reaction, application and maturation faster than any other technology
    • Exceptional breakage elongation



ΤThe greatest advantages of the LP HotSpeay system are:

    • its enormous strength
    • very high elasticity
    • the absolute adhesion it acquires
    • Excellent sealing
    • the unified surface without joints
    • Its application speed
    • the possibility to be applied to surfaces of any shape, even if there are obstacles (bases of solar systems, antennas etc.)
    • Its lasting value!